The Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, India

Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu South IndiaThe Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, India

Come to the Goddess Temple to invoke the Dasa Mahavidya Goddess within your subtle body.

They are the wisdom within each one of us. When activated within us, each of the Mahavidya Goddess will express their wisdom through us.

The Mahavidya temple follows the practices of the ancient seers, who could speak to the Goddesses and Gods by doing Yajnas (fire ritual) to invoke them. Learn to speak to the Goddesses and Gods within by doing Yajna.

The temple is for pilgrims who want to have a peaceful surrounding to have conversations with the Goddess, God, Planets, and Elements.  The Temple will offer in-depth practices per ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga Teachings as practiced in India by our forefathers. Most temples in South India practice some Tantra, though seldom spoken about.

Come and be part of starting a new trend of temple worship in India where

1. Silence is observed

2. Yajnas are performed when Satguru Shri Param Eswaran is at our Mother Center in Tamil Nadu, South India, with total public participation. At the moment, in all temples around the world, the priest is the one who performs the ritual, and the public watches.

3. Meditation and self-worship are promoted.

4. Women will perform all the rituals for the Goddess alongside Satguru; this is seldom or hardly seen in modern India.

5. It is appropriate for us to help women regain their lost strength and to pursue Self-realization in a land that has promoted Spiritual awareness for centuries. People of India have Self-realization as their main goal, making it easier for all those who visit India to be influenced by the same.

6. Offer a place for all pilgrims to stay in the Temple, which is fast disappearing, with only a few temples offering this service.

7. The temple will be open to the children of the Universe, & children of all religions and races or countries of origin. This is not so with many of the temples in India.

Western students of Tantrism

Very few Western students of Tantrism take trouble studying the Tantric literature itself (whether in the original Sanskrit language or reliable translations). They also tend to overlook the fact that Tantrism is an initiatory tradition, that is to say, it is based on the time-honored guru-disciple relationship. No scripture can convey the living experience that is central to a spiritual tradition. It is the teacher’s instructions that infuse the scriptures with lifeblood. Moreover, the guru assists the disciple’s spiritual awakening and subsequent growth in countless practical ways.

Tantrism is a powerful spiritual path; like anything that is pow­erful, it has its dangers. Without real guidance and a strong sense of responsibility, the Tantric practitioner is apt to succumb to ego inflation and the misuse of the abilities awakened.

It is also true that few Westerners are prepared for a traditional pupilage. According to an old adage, the teacher comes when the pupil is ready. Clearly, anyone interested in practicing Tantrism must first study the Tantric teachings. This will give them the necessary intellectual and moral foundation for real Tantric discipline. The teaching offered by Satguru Shri Param Eswaran is ideally suited to provide such a basis for further study and practice.

Satsang in ParisParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses is an excellent introduction to the essence of Hindu Tantrism.  Satguru introduces anyone interested in the core Tantric practices of meditation and mantra recitation. The main focus will be on the Ten Wisdom Goddesses (Dasha-Mahavidva ). 

To taste Satguru’s teachings, you can join him Saturday’s Zoom Meeting at 9 pm Malaysian Standard Time. Ninety minutes of teaching for a small fee of US$24 per week. To join, Email US.

The Mahavidya Goddesses are personifications of the feminine aspect of the Divine. The Tantric practitioner approaches them and seeks to obtain their grace through ritual worship and meditation. The Goddesses’ respective spiritual energies then convey the practitioner (sadhaka) safely and swiftly to Self-realization. The teaching of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses is little known but is characteristically Tantric. It affords Western students reliable access to Tantrism’s metaphysics and spiritual discipline.

The Mahavidya Temple well suits the needs of both Western and Asian students who seek personal attention.  Only nine students per intake.

The power of God/Goddess

God/Goddess enjoys their powers. They own them. You can own them, too, by realizing the truth of the statement that you are God/Goddess through experience. There are obstacles to this realization, whose prime nature consists of two types of ignorance.

The first is not seeing your true nature as that of God/Goddess identity. The second is the wrong assumption of human nature which makes us see many things where there is, in reality, only one thing. That one thing that exists is consciousness.

All forms, all space, all time, and all materials are merely forms of consciousness. That is not light, but it lights up everything for God/Goddess to see. Objects like the sun, moon, stars, fire, etc., shine by it. Your, mine, and everyone’s consciousness are the light of lights. Take away that light, and the world ceases to be.

A Path to Divinity – Dasa Mahavidya

There are many more than ten ways to reach Godhood. However, Dasa Maha Vidya is the ten most important ways to reach Godhood. All powers of God are manifest in us, whether we realize it or not. If you realize God/Goddess, you become God/Goddess. Otherwise, you continue believing that you are not God, so search for Godhood outside yourself. And you will never reach it because the direction is wrong.

You will never reach the center if you move along the circle. This is the path of life. For each individual, the paths are different. Kali, Tara, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Dhumavati, Tripura, Bagala, Matangi, and Kamala are the names for the ten paths. The ultimate goal is the same in each case; integration of all forms into one Godhood, which is identical to the self. The reality is that when one passes through one path, we are ignorant of the rest of the paths.

Dasa Mahavidya Yantra or Cosmic graphical Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry representation of each of these Powerful Goddesses or Powers of Nature is called Yantras or mystic designs. Each is unique in its Sakthi and can bestow its inherent Power on those who meditate and focus on the representative designs. By meditating on the ten Goddesses or their geometric shapes, it is said that each Goddess blesses the worshipper with her gifts as per Her Energy.

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